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Photo of Freda Needelman.

Freda Needelman

Established in 2017 by Phyllis Needelman in remembrance of her mother, Freda Needelman, Freda Fund provides opportunities and support to 14–21 year old youth in the foster care system throughout the Sacramento Region. Freda Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization working under the umbrella of the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Sacramento.

Celebrating life's milestones is at the core of the support services provided by the Freda Fund. Freda felt that observing birthdays was very important, never missing an occasion no matter the circumstances. She was always willing to bake cakes for neighborhood friends and family or even give her last dollar to those less fortunate.

Today we continue this tradition for foster youth in our community. On the occasion of their birthday, Freda Fund provides groups of foster youth with a dinner, a birthday cake and gift card. Each gift recipient is then required to write a handwritten thank you note
and perform a volunteer act as a way to express their gratitude.

We believe that through kindness and customs of celebration,
youth have the opportunity to develop essential life skills and
values, which contribute to well being and improved self esteem. Gratitude and thankfulness can grow through these community gatherings and shared experiences. In Freda's honor we strive to empower and inspire, creating a chain reaction of acts of kindness and service.

Our History & Vision
Phyllis Needelman puts cupcakes out for guests at a birthday party.

Phyllis Needelman

We aspire to:


  • Reach 120 foster youth each year

  • Teach participants the importance of gratitude and the benefit
    of giving back 

  • Provide opportunities to develop essential life skills and values

  • Contribute to well being and improved self esteem

  • Expose youth to local community outreach and volunteer opportunities


Thanks to your support, we celebrated 120+ birthdays each year in 2021 and 2022!
Our Goals
Hands form the shape of a heart and frame the sun during a sunset.

Since 2017, Freda Fund's work wouldn't be possible without the partnership and support of numerous friends and organizations. We're proud to join with wonderful collaborators who share our vision and dedication to empowering foster youth.​ Thank you for your constant support, kindness, generosity and time.

First Team Members: Kamika Hebbert, Christine Myers, Rachel Ostwald,
Tiffany Hunt, Irene Hoffman, Lisa Metzger, Debbie Metzger, Debbie Lewis,
Barbara Kronick, Teri Ostwald, Steve Kutler, Chris Shirey, Lisa Feldman


Logo Design: Sascha Hopson


Website Development: Josh Kutler, Chris Druin, Sheila Wolfe, Amy Solov


Editors: Janet Solomon, Amy Krause, Talia Leibovitz


Detroit Team: Judy Thurman, Wendy Bass, Al Lengel, Patty Stamler, Joel Jonas, Howard & Laurie Weinberger, Anne Duchan, Mimi Kalish


Family Advisors: Paul Needelman, Leonard Needelman, Dana Needelman,
Sophie Needelman Bloch, Tracy Askotzky, Lisa Konheim, Michael & Linda Berke   

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